Climate Controlled Storage - What Is It?

You might know what a self storage unit is but there are a lot of people who are not sure about what a climate controlled storage unit is. These self storage units are upgraded versions of the standard and traditional self storage unit. The humidity controlled self storage units usually maintain their humidity at 55% while the climate controlled units maintain their temperature between 55F to 90F. This means that when you choose to store your valuables during a hot, humid and rainy day, your items will remain at a comfortable temperature and humidity.

Many times the climate controlled self storage units and humidity controlled units are both converged together into one self storage unit. This means that you get the benefit of both storage units into one location.

There are a number of items that would benefit from climate controlled storage. These items are generally chosen because they are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. A good example would be items such as wine, spirits or other items that require long term storage. Documents will also deteriorate if left in standard storage. For instance items like guitars, pianos or other musical instruments may be stored in a climate controlled self storage facility along with music sheets and lyrics.

There are some people who feel that temperature and humidity are not going to harm their items but consider that humidity will warp wood and cause metal to rust. This means that items like guitars, pianos and other items that are comprised of wood and metal would suffer if left out for weather to destroy.

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