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Governor Signs Self-Storage Lien Law

CT Gov. Dan Malloy signs the Self Storage Lien LawConnecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy has signed an amended version of the state’s self-storage lien law (Senate Bill 752) that enables self-storage facility operators to notify tenants about impending lien procedures via e-mail. The Connecticut Self Storage Association (CTSSA) and national Self Storage Association worked with lawmakers for three years to update the law. The changes go into effect on July 1.

Under the new law, tenant lien-notification e-mails must include a line stating that opening the e-mail constitutes acceptance of the notice by the tenant. If a self-storage operator does not receive confirmation that the e-mail has been opened within seven days of sending it, a second notice must be sent by registered or Certified Mail or delivered in person.

E-mail notifications do not extend to lien procedures concerning boats or motor vehicles. Notices concerning motor vehicles must continue to be sent to the state’s motor-vehicle commissioner and the vehicle’s lien holder or owner, if different than the tenant.

The CTSSA’s mission is to provide a network of information and experience to those who are part of or wish to enter the self-storage industry in Connecticut. The association provides member facilities with support in matters concerning building codes, lien laws, auctions, property-tax strategies, manager education, and industry visibility, acceptability and promotion. Its programs and services include educational and networking meetings, a sample occupancy agreement, sales-tax information, auction procedures, and more.