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Keeping Your Storage Cool during the Summer

Keeping your stoage coolThe sun is a fickle ally, one minute being a friend to plants and tan enthusiasts alike, the next being a bitter enemy to the valuable possessions one has stored for safety. As temperatures begin to climb in Riverton Connecticut, keeping stored items safe from the heat will be on many people’s minds.

At Riverton Self Storage, our facility not only contains climate controlled storage units, but also features a cool roof to prevent temperatures from rising within our facility. There are many items that can be damaged from excessive or prolonged exposure to heat.

A vital aspect of keeping our storage facility, as a whole, cool is our cool roof. The roof of our building is insulated to absorb the heat rather than let it enter our facility. Not only is the roof cooler, but so is the interior of the building! As a result, your storage container will be a comfortable and reliable environment that keeps your items safe, rather than a scorching, swirling vortex of heat and destroyed memories.

But the benefits are not only felt by clients, Planet Earth loves our roof too! A naturally cooler environment means that we do not have to consume as much energy for air conditioning. Keeping the heat and energy consumption of our building down means a happier and safer neighborhood.