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Winter Storage

The holidays are coming and everyone is bundling up. The ski slopes will be open soon as well so people will be taking out their sleds, skis and snowboards to prepare for some winter fun. While grabbing every blanket and sweater from your storage unit and putting away those warm summer clothes, you need to be aware of the climate your stored items will be in when the temperatures drop.

Temperature and climate are crucial factors when you consider self storage. You wouldn’t leave perishable food items sitting on the counter for weeks and then eat it right? The same goes for storing those summer items away during the winter. At Riverton Self Storage we offer the best in climate-controlled storage units.

Climate-controlled storage is actually a rather recent development in the self storage industry. Some facilities only offer it as a special amenity, but Riverton makes this a standard feature in all of their storage units.

During the winter, freezing temperatures mixed in with ice and snow can wreak havoc on your belongings when they are being stored for the winter months. New England is no stranger to cold, long winters. We can offer the right amount of space to fit even your larger items.

Winter Storage

We offer a variety of unit sizes to fit your needs during this winter season. Here are a few tips to ensure your items will be waiting for you in the same condition when the warm weather comes around again.

  1. Keep any items you want to access during the winter up front so you don’t have to dig for them.
  2. Put the heaviest items on the bottom so they won’t crush anything fragile.
  3. Label all your boxes and keep an inventory sheet on a clipboard at the storage location for easy reference.
  4. Pack boxes tightly together to prevent moisture.
  5. Make sure to choose the right unit size for your items. You don’t want to risk breaking things while cramming them into a small space.