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Storage Boxes, Only $1 at Riverton

$1 Storage BoxesSome people have an easy time keeping their living spaces clean and organized. Others have trouble simply trying to type over the clutter crowding their desks. If you fall into the latter category, perhaps it’s time to start rethinking your habits. There are plenty of reasons why each level of packrat acts the way they do, whether it’s an emotional attachment to useless items, not having enough room for an overzealous collection, or simply a matter of not cleaning up after one’s self. While most hoarders will deny that the lifestyle bothers them, living in an over-cluttered environment takes a stressful mental toll from each and every item lying around.

Individual people are not the only culprits of having excessive stuff. Businesses can be hoarders too, keeping and endless amount of useless documents and files on the off-chance that it may be needed one day in the future. Small businesses in particular can have troubles with this, with items like never-opened office supplies and reams of paper crowding entryways and jamming desk drawers.

For many, businesses especially, paper products are a major part of the clutter. Old mail, magazines, receipts, and other trash piles up faster than you can sort through it. Because paper can take up so much of your space, a good step toward getting de-cluttered would be to use a paper shredder. Using a shredder would cause you to really evaluate what items are necessary and which are not, and once they are torn into pieces, there will no longer be any reason to keep them around. A shredder is safer to use for both individuals and business records; with a shredder, you know that thieves won’t be able to find your information in your trash can. Once all of your files are clean and sorted through, you’ll be left with a sense of relief and as if part of a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

Riverton knows that clutter can accumulate even inside of a storage unit. That’s why we offer a paper shredding service to all who need it. Shredding each document one-by-one at home is time-consuming, especially compared to simply dropping off your files in Riverton’s secure shredding room. While companies like Staples offer shredding services for ¢79 a pound, Riverton’s IDEAL 4107 shredder is available for $6.35/cubic foot – a much better deal than the big companies offer, whether paper is a large or small portion of your clutter. Because we know that your documents are sensitive, we’ll mail you a certificate of destruction when the job is complete, ensuring you that your documents have been properly disposed of. If you’re the type of person who has trouble closing their desk drawers from all the junk lying around in there, check out our shredding services ASAP; you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.