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Are You Serious About Fall Cleaning? We Can Help!

White Birch in Front of Maple Trees

The lazy, hazy days of summer are disappearing and it’s time to clean it out, throw it out, wash it out and feel good about the approaching holidays.  We can seriously help with the throw it out part (well not really discarding it).  Bring it here to Riverton Self Storage and we will keep it safe and protected until you need your lawn mower, kayak or other seasonal item again.  Nothing feels better than a new, freshly-cleaned, sweet-smelling home. Right?  Come on down, look at the beautiful river and put your things in a storage unit that works for you.  We have many sizes to accommodate you.

We have wardrobe boxes that have a bar inside to hang clothing, and other types of boxes to meet other storage needs, such as mirror boxes and picture packers.  Our facility is open to our customers seven days a week from 5 am to 11 pm and accessed by a unique code selected by each individual customer.

Before you become overwhelmed with holiday decorations and gifts, make room in your home by bringing some of your belongings here and becoming a part of our “family.”

What you hold dear, we hold secure!