Secure Paper Shredding At Riverton Self Storage

by abcriverton 3. February 2014 06:53

paper shredding services ct Tax season is upon us — and then comes post–tax season: when you find yourself staring at heaps of private and financial documents, wondering what to do with them now.

How do you dispose of items such as W-2s, paystubs and canceled personal checks? What's your plan for handling documents that contain sensitive information, like credit card account and Social Security numbers, without placing yourself at risk for identity theft?

In-home paper shredders are one possible solution, but they tend to have a very limited capacity. Overflows can cause jams or even break the machine. And if you've ever fed a tall stack of papers through a low-volume paper shredder three or four sheets at a time, you know how the hours — and frustrations — can add up.

Maybe your company is too small to contract with a secure paper disposal company. Maybe you'd need its services too infrequently to justify the expense. Maybe you just don't want to make the commitment.

But wouldn't it be nice to securely shred as much as you wanted, whenever you wanted, on a purely as-needed basis? No contracts. No hassle. Just the shortest possible path between your documents and a full, safe, foolproof disposal.

Now you can.

Riverton Self Storage is your one stop shop for document shredding! We'll bring you a reliable, convenient and secure solution for all that extra paperwork. Perfect for small or midsize businesses, or consumers with boxes of old files cluttering up their closets.

Bring your sensitive documents to Riverton Self Storage. We'll handle the rest:

  • Shredding only costs $6.35 per cubic foot.
  • Documents will be destroyed safely and securely.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Document Destruction after your papers have been disposed of outlining what was destroyed.
  • We will dispose of paper shreddings or you have the option to take them home with you.
  • We also have letter size storage boxes at only $1 each for that pesky paperwork that you need to keep and can't shred.

That's it. Rest easy. From your hands to our facility, your crucial information remains securely under wraps.

Storage Ideas for Your Winter Gear

by abcriverton 16. October 2013 06:05

Making room for warm weather clothes and other items is one of the benefits of spring cleaning. But every spring, it seems that your winter clothes and accessories have multiplied and you start to wonder, “Where did it all go last year?”

The truth is, you probably did add a few more winter accessories this year. And now you have to find space for it. Here are some ideas to store your winter stuff as you get ready for the new season.


Storage Space

First, decide where you have room for your out-of-season gear. Hopefully, you have some space out-of-the-way—an unused closet, the basement, the attic, or a climate-controlled garage. Make sure that the area doesn’t get too hot or cold, is clean and—most importantly—that it’s dry.

Also, make sure that it’s dark—too much light can cause clothes and other fabrics to fade.

If you find that you don’t have enough room in your home, consider renting a storage unit for part of the year. Storage rental facilities have a wide range of sizes, from tiny closet to big garage. It’s an inexpensive option if you need a little more space.


Before You Store

Clean your winter clothes one last time before putting them away. Any soils left on your fabrics could leave a stain. It’s also very important to keep insects from making a home in your clothes, and a thorough cleaning is a good way to make sure they’re pest-free.


Container Storage

Folding your coats, sweaters and other winter clothing and storing them in a box or other container is a smart, space-saving solution. Plastic containers provide great protection, especially when a few mothballs or cedar blocks are included. Cardboard boxes are good, but make sure you keep them in a dry place because they can be ruined by water.

Your luggage may be the best storage container. They’ll protect your clothes, but also allow some airflow. If you have extra luggage, line it with acid-free tissue and store your clothes there.


Issues With Air

Allowing your clothes room to “breathe” helps prevent mold and mildew from forming in them. When storing in a container, put the heavier items in the bottom and the lighter ones at top to promote airflow.

Never wrap your clothes in plastic, unless it’s a vacuum-sealed plastic or nylon container. These use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the container, preventing insects, mold or mildew from getting to your clothes. This also compresses your clothes, making them easier to store. Search the internet for “vacuum-sealed storage bags” to purchase them.


Things to Avoid

Hanging certain clothes, like knits, for a long time can pull them out of shape, which is why it’s better to store them in boxes. If you do hang some items, make sure they are sitting properly on their hangers.

Instead of hanging them in plastic bags, take an old bed sheet and cut a series of holes in the middle for hangers to poke through. You can hang a whole season’s worth of clothes underneath this sheet, and they’ll be protected while getting plenty of airflow.


Equipment Storage

Of course, not all of your winter gear is clothing. Here are a few general tips for storing items you won’t need until the weather gets cold again:


   - Completely dry your winter equipment, especially moving parts, like ski bindings.

   - Find a cool, dry, out-of-the-way space for them.

   - Hang items like skis, shovels and ice skates to keep them out of harm’s way.


With just a little attention to putting things away, you’re sure to have all of your winter clothes and equipment ready to go next year. And organized storage will make it easy to unpack everything when next winter calls you outside for some wintertime fun.

Winter Is On The Way

by abcriverton 25. September 2013 07:41

In northern Connecticut in Torrington, Hartfod and Winsted we will soon see the leaves on the trees changing, and the time has come to put away summer clothing and shoes to make room to bring out your coats, sweaters and boots. These simple tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to winter will help make the process a little easier:

At Riverton Self Storage we have a variety of storage units available for winter storage solutions. The space you have available to store your summer wardrobe should be considered in the decision of what type of container(s) you will use to fill up the unit. Having all of the supplies you need on hand before you begin the sorting and storage process will not only make the process easier, but will increase the chance that you will see the project through to completion with minimal headache.  Whether you store your clothing in plastic bins, fabric bags or hang them inside a covered garment rack, you will want to make sure all of your clothing is clean before it is stored.

Start with a fresh palette. Use the season change as an opportunity to clean out your closet completely. If you remove everything and clean the floors and shelves well, it becomes easier to envision the most logical organization solution that you may not have seen with a packed closet.

Decide what items are worth keeping. As you go through your summer wardrobe, you will need at least two categories: clothes you want to keep and clothes that you can donate or give away. If you only put wearable items back into your closet, finding something to wear and keeping your closet organized will be much easier throughout the coming season. Also consider the climate in your area when determining what clothes and shoes to store. In many areas, temperatures stay warm enough throughout the winter to keep a few pairs of sandals and short sleeve shirts on hand, while in colder climates these items have no chance of being worn.

Think beyond clothing and shoes. While storing away your summer clothes and shoes will likely be the bulk of this transitiont, consider storing other items in the process to keep your home organized. Bathing suits, pool toys, floats and other summer-only items can also be stored out of the way for the season.

Using a climate controlled storage unit is the best solution for clothing storage. Avoid storing your summer wardrobe in a basement, attic or garage. Cleaning out your closet and putting clothes into storage takes time and patience, but will pay off all season as you enjoy your organized, functional closet!

Governor Signs Self-Storage Lien Law

by abcriverton 20. June 2013 10:08

Connecticut GovernorConnecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy has signed an amended version of the state’s self-storage lien law (Senate Bill 752) that enables self-storage facility operators to notify tenants about impending lien procedures via e-mail. The Connecticut Self Storage Association (CTSSA) and national Self Storage Association worked with lawmakers for three years to update the law. The changes go into effect on July 1.

Under the new law, tenant lien-notification e-mails must include a line stating that opening the e-mail constitutes acceptance of the notice by the tenant. If a self-storage operator does not receive confirmation that the e-mail has been opened within seven days of sending it, a second notice must be sent by registered or Certified Mail or delivered in person.

E-mail notifications do not extend to lien procedures concerning boats or motor vehicles. Notices concerning motor vehicles must continue to be sent to the state’s motor-vehicle commissioner and the vehicle’s lien holder or owner, if different than the tenant.

The CTSSA’s mission is to provide a network of information and experience to those who are part of or wish to enter the self-storage industry in Connecticut. The association provides member facilities with support in matters concerning building codes, lien laws, auctions, property-tax strategies, manager education, and industry visibility, acceptability and promotion. Its programs and services include educational and networking meetings, a sample occupancy agreement, sales-tax information, auction procedures, and more.


College Student Storage Solutions

by abcriverton 20. May 2013 09:29

With college students coming home for the summer parents need a place to store all of those dorm room essentials. Riverton Self Storage has the perfect storage solution for students who are between school terms or studying abroad. Our 5’x5’ Storage Unit is perfect for a student looking for that little bit of extra space. Riverton Self Storage offers month-to-month payment plans on a number of different unit sizes.

Whether you need a little extra space to store your things while you're at college, or need somewhere to store your entire apartment or dorm room while you're away from school, our storage units can be an ideal solution for students. Here are some tips to find the right storage space for your needs.

Storage Solution Tips for Students

  • Use self storage for seasonal items.
    You may want to store winter or summer clothes, or store items that you will need for school during school vacations. Riverton Self Storage allows month-to-month rent making it is easy to store certain things temporarily, only during the periods of time when you will not be using those belongings.
  • Use storage to hold items that you will want eventually but do not need right now.
    Self storage is the perfect place to store items that relate to hobbies that you may not have time to participate in while you are in school, or collections that you do not have space for in a dorm room. Self storage is also a good place to store furniture that you will not use while you are in school but are saving for when you have your own home.
  • Use storage to hold files that you need to save but that you do not need to refer to regularly.
    A self storage unit is a good place to store old school papers and art projects, financial or legal documents, and any other files that you may not have room for while you are at school.
  • Use storage to hold family heirlooms or photos.
    A self storage unit can be a secure place to hold items that have a lot of sentimental or historical value to you, or items that you wish to keep in a more secure location than your dorm room.
  • Use storage as a place to pursue a hobby, craft, or art that you do not have space for at school.
    Some students use storage units to hold art supplies, and even convert self storage units into temporary art studios. Occasionally dancers or martial artists use self storage units as a place to practice in privacy when they are not in class.
  • Talk to your self storage facility manager to get more student storage ideas.

The Real "Storage Wars"

by abcriverton 20. February 2013 10:40

Storage Wars CTIs it possible to bid on abandoned storage units just like in A&E's hit reality series "Storage Wars?" Yuuup! But don't expect to bid your way to retirement.

In Bridgeport CT, more than 30 treasure hunters, antiquers and eBay enthusiasts were looking to get a deal on 20 abandoned storage units at an auction. The boost in business has been both a blessing and a curse for self storage facilities.

One big negative is that deal hunters will buy a storage unit and not consider the fact that the contents of the unit need to be hauled away. They treat it as a part-time game without doing the research. When it does work out though, the storage facilities make up a lot of the money they lose from missed rent payments.

When a tenant misses payments on their unit it triggers a specific chain of legal notices in a 74-day process before abandoned storage units go to auction. Personal belongings such as family photos, legal documents and other important paperwork are not sold at auction.

For storage auction veterans, the game of an auction is part observation, part luck and part bankroll as bidders fight to claim the contents of abandoned lockers. Once the lock is cut and the door is opened, the rules for the cash-only auctions are simple: Don't touch anything, don't cross the threshold, give everyone a look at the unit and move on if you're not interested. The mystery is part of the appeal, and the payout could be big if you know what to look for. It has to beat going to the casino!

At the Bridgeport auction most of the units went for less than $200, with the lowest winning bid at $10 and the highest at $625. Surprisingly the $625 bid was for a small 5x8 unit which some bidders speculate might have contained hunting equipment. Winning bidders usually have three days to completely clear out the lockers, return personal items and haul everything away.

In a recent episode of "Storage Wars New York," the show went to Danbury, CT. Their featured loot included a cornet and a Sunfish sailboat.

A December lawsuit filed by fired "Storage Wars" cast member David "Yuuup!" Hester alleges that parts of the show are faked. A&E eventually filed a response in Los Angeles Superior Court denying the claims but Connecticut storage auction veterans aren't so sure.

Success doesn’t come nearly as often as the TV show suggests and you have to be prepared to lose a lot more often than you win. The idea is that when you do win, you win big. The lure of the mystery and the occasional profit draws in bids again and again.

Many bidders have been bidding against each other for years. In some cases, side deals were made as winners discussed items that drew their attention and provoked bidding wars: A globe, car parts, appliances, artwork, children's toys, antique and contemporary furniture, sewing machines, and boxes -- lots and lots of sealed boxes.

In the storage auction world, one man's trash is truly another man's treasure.

Christmas Present Storage

by abcriverton 17. December 2012 09:12

Bet you didn't know that Santa stores his presents here at Riverton Self Storage, and so can you! Buy early, come to Riverton to wrap and pick them up right before you need them. Our 5x5 or 5x10 storage units would be the perfect size to hide those Santa gifts. Month-to-month leasing makes it affordable as well.


Riverton is not only a good solution for the children's toys either. You can store your motorcycle for those cold winter months as well. Riverton offers safe, climate-controlled storage for your bike.

Protecting your motorcycle during the cold fall and winter months is important. Nothing is worse than leaving your motorcycle exposed to the elements and self storage is a great option for those who need extra space in their garage during the winter.

Paper Shredding

by abcriverton 16. October 2012 11:41

Make Sure YOU Never Appear on Hoarders!

document paper shredding

Some people have an easy time keeping their living spaces clean and organized. Others have trouble simply trying to type over the clutter crowding their desks. If you fall into the latter category, perhaps it’s time to start rethinking your habits. There are plenty of reasons why each level of packrat acts the way they do, whether it’s an emotional attachment to useless items, not having enough room for an overzealous collection, or simply a matter of not cleaning up after one’s self. While most hoarders will deny that the lifestyle bothers them, living in an over-cluttered environment takes a stressful mental toll from each and every item lying around.

Individual people are not the only culprits of having excessive stuff. Businesses can be hoarders too, keeping and endless amount of useless documents and files on the off-chance that it may be needed one day in the future. Small businesses in particular can have troubles with this, with items like never-opened office supplies and reams of paper crowding entryways and jamming desk drawers.

For many, businesses especially, paper products are a major part of the clutter. Old mail, magazines, receipts, and other trash piles up faster than you can sort through it. Because paper can take up so much of your space, a good step toward getting de-cluttered would be to use a paper shredder. Using a shredder would cause you to really evaluate what items are necessary and which are not, and once they are torn into pieces, there will no longer be any reason to keep them around. A shredder is safer to use for both individuals and business records; with a shredder, you know that thieves won’t be able to find your information in your trash can. Once all of your files are clean and sorted through, you’ll be left with a sense of relief and as if part of a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

Riverton knows that clutter can accumulate even inside of a storage unit. That’s why we offer a paper shredding service to all who need it. Shredding each document one-by-one at home is time-consuming, especially compared to simply dropping off your files in Riverton’s secure shredding room. While companies like Staples offer shredding services for ¢79 a pound, Riverton’s IDEAL 4107 shredder is available for $6.35/cubic foot – a much better deal than the big companies offer, whether paper is a large or small portion of your clutter. Because we know that your documents are sensitive, we’ll mail you a certificate of destruction when the job is complete, ensuring you that your documents have been properly disposed of. If you’re the type of person who has trouble closing their desk drawers from all the junk lying around in there, check out our shredding services ASAP; you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.