A Secure Self Storage Facility is Important

If you've ever considered self storage but worry that your items could be ransacked or stolen if stored away from your home or business, you might want to give it another thought. Self storage is often the most secure storage you can find, the security measures that most secure self storage facilities take to protect your belongings can be quite numerous. Obviously, there are some self storage facilities that are better than others. At Riverton Self Storage, we strive to be the best. We go the extra mile at our facility to protect your prized possessions while in our care - we have fire, intrusion & low temperature monitoring, secure keypad access and 24 hour camera surveillance.

For added security and protection, all of our units are inside the building and well lit. This further helps protect your belongings against the elements, mold and would deter robbers from even trying to enter since they like to target dimly lit buildings. These features do not cost more, we just take pride in our building and the service we provide. If you're considering our secure self storage facility, the best thing you can do is to visit our facility to see for yourself - we think you will find that we have great customer service and the most affordable storage unit rates in the area.

When looking for your secured self storage unit, make sure all the storage facilities you review offer all that you need. Consider location, ease of access, climate control and air moisture content control (de-humidification), sufficient facility hours to access your unit, security features such as camera surveillance and keypad access. Also consider the age and condition of the facility, and whether it is inside or outside storage.

Whatever you decide, we would be happy to be of service to you at our Secure Storage Facility in Riverton, Connecticut.

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