Self Storage CT - So Many Options!

Are you looking for a facility to provide you Connecticut self storage? There are many Connecticut Storage Facilities to choose from when you need personal or business storage. Choosing the wrong self storage company can be a huge hassle to a customer and take a lot of valuable money out of their pockets. There isn’t a shortage of Connecticut self storage companies but there is a shortage of quality companies. When deciding on a reputable self storage company you want to make sure they are able to meet all of your needs.

The Self Storage Facility Location

When choosing a Connecticut self storage facility the location is extremely important. It is often not practical to choose a storage facility that is close to where you are located. You want to be able to access your unit with little hassle. If your unit is far away it makes it that much harder to use the storage unit space. Also you want to make sure that it is easily accessible for vehicles, especially if you plan on using a big truck. For example, driving through a busy city in a moving truck or with a large trailer to get to the storage unit will most likely give you a throbbing headache. We provide storage near the following CT Towns:

Self Storage Coupons

Who doesn't want a discount on their self storage? Everyone likes saving money, and storage coupons can help you do this. Self storage coupons typically change from month to month, and are a huge reason that facilities get new customers. When using a self storage coupon remember to be aware of the terms and conditions of the coupon. Often discounts require you to use the facility for long periods of times, or the prices rise after the coupon is expired.

Secure Self Storage

When choosing a storage unit you want to feel secure that your items are in good hands. Sure, a lot of time people store junk in storage units, but often customers store valuable items that mean a lot to them. I do not recommend an unsecured facility. This is a huge risk, and I would not be surprised if the storage facility will be out of business soon. I recommend any facility with key card or codes to gain access to your unit. You also want to make sure the storage facility has surveillance cameras in place. The safety and the security of your belongings are extremely important, and you should not put your items in storage units that are not secure. You always want to have secure self storage!

Personal Self Storage

You want to choose a unit that is perfect for your personal self storage. Your personal goods need to be in good hands. There are many things to consider when choosing a faciliy for your personal self storage needs. You want to take into consideration items you are storing. If it is something that needs climate control you need to make sure the facility you choose has these kinds of storage units. You want to make sure that you have the best personal self storage possible.


You want to be able to access your storage any time. If your storage facility only offers access during business hours and you have a job, then that company is not a good fit. Many self storage companies offer 24/7 access but only have customer service or onsite management during business hours. This is fine as long as you can access your storage unit after hours.

Climate Controlled Storage

All storage facilities do not offer climate controlled self storage units. There are many items you may want to put in your unit that require specific temperatures. If you are looking to store items such antiques, wines, or other belongings that have temperature requirements then climate controlled storage is the best option. Sometimes storage companies may call these unit features by different names like temperature controlled storage, or humidity controlled storage. The best option is to ask questions, and make sure you are getting the storage unit that you need.

Storage Space

When renting storage units you want to make sure that you are getting the correct size. Most companies offer a variety of sizes and generally start around 5 x 5, which is great for small storage, and goes up from there. Some companies also offer boat, RV, and automotive storage. When deciding on a unit you want to make sure you have the space you need. A storage space calculator can help you figure out the exact size you need for your storage unit.

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