Storage Supplies

Available Supplies



Small Box (1.5 cu. ft.)


Medium Box (3.1 cu. ft.)


Large Box (4.5 cu. ft.)


Lamp Box (3.5 cu. ft.)


Letter Tote


Legal Tote




10 lbs. Packing Paper

26" x 24"

Bubble Roll


Bubble In a Box


Additional Packing


Clear Packing Tape


Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

Utility Knife

Black Marker

Poly Rope


Tag-A-Room Labels


Twin Mattress Bag (2/bag)

Queen Mattress Bag

King Mattress Bag

Sofa Cover

Chair Cover (2/bag)

Dust Cover



2 3/4" Disc Padlock


  • When comparison shopping be sure all the storage facilities you review offer all that you need. A few things to consider may be location, ease of access, climate control and air moisture content control (de-humidification), sufficient facility hours to access your unit, security features such as camera surveillance and keypad access. Also consider the age and condition of the facility, and whether it is inside or outside storage.

  • Consider if you are planning on storing items sensitive to temperature and / or humidity, such as antiques, bedding, furniture, clothes, paper records, CDs, photos, candles, etc. If you are planning to store items that are sensitive or are of sentimental value make sure you are confident in the storage facility you choose.

  • One of the most highly recommended locks is a disk lock which can be purchased from us.

  • Once you know what you are going to be storing, (we recommend you make a list) you can utilize our size estimator to help you determine the size unit you’re going to need. See our Space Calculator. Then visit us to see the units to verify size and select the unit where you are going to be storing your items.

  • We suggest you make an inventory of the items you are storing and keep it in a safe, easy-to-find place. For highly valuable items, we recommend that you take photos as well.

  • Once you have made an inventory of your items, then determine what you need for packing and moving supplies. We can help! See our Packing and Moving Guide.

  • When you arrive and start to store your items, stack your things in similar sized boxes as they will be easier to stack.

  • Stack heavier items on the bottom - And be sure not to over pack boxes so they get too heavy and dangerous.

  • Avoid stacking things directly against the wall to leave room for some air flow in the unit.

  • Make a plan on how to organize your unit. This will save you time in the long run. You can store couches on end, stack chairs seat to seat, and use larger items to store blankets, clothes, and smaller knickknacks.

  • Leave a walkway down the center of your unit to make accessing all items easier.

  • You may need to purchase shelving units to better utilize your storage space. This could even make your space needs smaller and save you money!

  • Label all boxes on all sides. Again, this will save you time in the long run. We have labels, boxes and markers for your convenience.

  • Pack items that you will be frequently accessing towards the front - common sense, we know.

  • Take apart large items, such as bed frames, tables, etc. This will save space and prevent them from breaking. Be sure to keep all parts together. Keep screws and smaller items handy by taping them to the larger item they belong to.

  • If storing appliances be sure to clean them out first! Leave the door slightly open on refrigerators and microwaves to prevent mildew.

  • Rub a small amount of oil on metal tools, bikes, etc. This will prevent rust - but be sure to separate these to not get oil on other things!

  • Store mirrors and paintings on end, do not lay them flat. Wrap and indicate they are fragile.

  • Lay blankets or cloth over and between furniture to prevent scratching.

  • Do NOT store any sort of food item in a storage unit as it will attract rodents.

  • Do NOT leave oil, gasoline, or fuel in your storage unit. Drain all gas and oil from lawnmowers, snow blowers, motorcycles, motorbikes, small engines, etc. It is against the law to store hazardous or combustible materials such as these.

  • Also if you do store something with an engine, put a drip pan under the engine to avoid oil or fuel dripping on the floor, even after you have drained the engine.

  • Do NOT put mothballs in boxes, they could possibly leave stains on clothing.

  • Do NOT give anyone you do not trust your access code to the facility or keys to your storage unit.

  • Do NOT store narcotics or controlled substances.

  • Do NOT store anything that is stolen.

  • Do NOT use for any unlawful purpose.

  • Do NOT store flammables, explosives, hazardous, or toxic materials.

  • Do NOT store paint, containers with chemicals, or liquids of any kind.

  • Do NOT move antiques, heirlooms, collectibles or any property having special or sentimental value into your unit, unless you are sure you have adequate insurance for such items.

  • Please do not hesitate to ask our facility manager any questions you may have before or during move-in!


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